About Us

"Aisling" is the Gaelic spelling of
Ashley and means "vision" and "dream." Perfect!
Our collection began as a fun father-daughter project
in Geneva, Illinois, and has evolved into a full-blown
company we couldn't be more proud of. We are the
non-branded brand! We think people are like us -- tired
of being a walking advertisement. Who wants a billboard
on their forehead?? We're here to supply you with an
accessory that represents who YOU are -- where you're
from, where you've been, or what you love to do.

Our designs are hand-drawn, painted, or photographed
by one of our owners, Ashley. The inspiration for
Ashley's designs comes from her roots in the Midwest,
her life in Colorado, and a passion for travel. The
artwork is mixed media-based utilizing watercolor,
acrylic, graphite, ink, and select imagery. One of her
favorite techniques is gyotaku, the ancient Japanese
process of covering a fish in ink and making rubbings
on rice paper.

At Aisling we strive to bring a bit of fun and unique
design into your daily adventures. Whether you are
fishing on the river, hiking in the mountains, hanging
with friends, trying to visit all 50 states, or watching
your favorite team, we have a product that reflects

As a company we believe that life is an adventure-
no matter where you live or what you do. We
believe in not taking ourselves too seriously and
that having fun is essential. We are here to
offer you original, quality products to wear - making
you happy and even more good looking on all your

Thank you for checking out our stuff. As always, we are so appreciative of your

business, ideas and continued support!


IMAGINE new adventures. EXPLORE the world. CREATE memories.